What is the Difference Between Custom Homes and Prefab Homes?

When you look at any custom home in North York then each one will be different from the another. Custom homes will be designed based on your own specific needs so that you can be comfortable while living there.

However, prefab homes are designed based on general requirement that can meet most of the requirements however, few things may not suit your needs.

So, how will you decide the option you must choose? Therefore, it is important for you to first understand the difference between both these concepts. Most buyers, however, decide based on their available budget.

custom home builder North York like Cedar Hills Contracting can offer you mostly custom homes. For prefabricated homes, there can be different options and there are different companies who may offer such projects. Let us see both options separately to understand the difference between them.


Most of these prefabricated homes are divided into 2 sub-categories as follows:

  1. Modular homes

Modular homes are usually prefabricated houses, which are pre-built in certain factory especially meant for that, and then they are assembled at the actual site in various sections called modules.

Such kinds of homes also allow for some amount of customization but we cannot call them truly custom homes. That is because most of these factories can accommodate only for some limited level of customization.

Any reputed builders who can supply such modular homes must conform to various applicable local, state, and regional codes applicable to buildings that are essential for any location of your home.

Such houses can offer good value to buyers who are looking forward to building their new house with some amount of customizations.

However, such houses can offer you a very limited amount of customization and may not completely meet your requirements. Those who want their house completely as per their preference will not be interested in such homes.

  1. Manufactured homes

Nowadays manufactured homes are also available that are an improved version of your mobile homes that were quite popular in the earlier days. They are available in either single-wide, double-wide, or triple-wide sizes.

All these new manufactured homes can be built up to the present HUD code and also can easily be moved from one site to another very easily.


You will find custom homes, which are totally customized and you can have all possible options within the space available to you. You can find plenty of builders who will build your custom homes as per your plan, design. Based on every client’s need you can get a unique plan for your custom home.

Cedar Hills Contracting also can provide you custom homes with proper integrity, transparency, as well as partnership. They will support every step of the customization process for your home design – which may involve right from selecting your site to selecting your perfect flooring, etc.

Building a house can be quite exciting and also overwhelming when you have to make a very big investment, and if you involve an experienced builder then he can help you in every step from your purchase to handing over your keys.