Do You Know Why You Are Not Getting Leads on Your Google Ads from All Those Clicks?

Most of your PPC campaigns may be getting plenty of clicks but not enough conversions, which is a very common problem. You will be surprised to know the average rate of conversion on your Google Search Network usually is less than 2%.

However, your campaigns are not totally doomed as there are various solutions available to resolve your problem of not getting any leads, but it takes a little more time, patience, and also practice to turn your things around. However, if you are ready to put in a little hard work, then your issue of no leads can be resolved.

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Generally, the following are the few reasons why traffic does not always mean that they all will get converted into your customers.

  1. You are probably targeting the wrong keywords

Most of you must be thinking that you know what all your customers are using, and probably you also may be right. However, do you know what their motivation is?

Whether the phrases that they use just because they want to research to know what they need? Instead, you must focus on the keywords that they will use when they exactly know what they want.

  1. Your landing page does not have the right content

Quite possibly, your landing page may not be what your customers are actually looking for. Particularly with pay per click, it will be easy to select words even if they may not be fully related to the information that you have on the website.

If they ever get to your website and do not find what they want, then they will simply move on to the next website that has content related to what they are searching.

  1. Your website sucks

It is very sad but true that many websites just are not as good. Quite a few of them are totally out of date or perhaps it was built together by any friend or relative. Remember, the first impression is very important and if your website looks amateurish or is not user-friendly, then it will not convert visitors.

  1. Your website looks even worse when you look at your iPad or cell phone

Let us assume if your site appears halfway good, then it might not work so well when someone views it on their cell phone.  A few years back, this was not an issue as people could set their campaigns to just any computer.

Now Google’s enhance campaign changed this. Now you have to bid differently particularly for cell phones. By not doing this, your advertisements will cost you almost the same, how prospects may view them.

  1. Sending your visitors to the home page and not landing pages for your campaign

Many people often make the mistake and set up a PPC campaign and then direct all the ads to their home page. However, the better option will be to direct all of them to a certain landing page that should have the material that they are searching for. So, the best option will be to create suitable landing pages for your campaign.

  1. Even for any best websites, conversion rates are low

It is sad, but it the fact that rate of conversion for most sites range between 2 to 5%. That would mean for every 100 visitors that you have, you will get just a few calls or form requests.

Therefore, you have to do what will ensure you more success, so that all these few calls can become your customers.

In case, you are not getting success with your present campaign, then simply continuing with your present strategy will result in only loss of money and loss of time. Therefore, you must step back and try to assess not only your website, but also your campaign.

Many of you may not have that much time, or necessary expertise to do all these yourself. So, you must consider hiring a Google Ads Expert.