Few Reasons Why Custom Tote Bags Will Remain Part of The Marketing Strategy

Few Reasons Why Custom Tote Bags Will Remain Part of The Marketing Strategy

Most of you who have ever thought of certain new and effective strategies for brand marketing must have surely considered branded tote bags. Studies have shown that branded tote bags can earn more advertising impressions as compared to any other type of promotional product.

Just imagine if all the promotional products that people use every day will be put inside your custom-made printed reusable bags. Choose Custom Earth Promos for tailoring the eco-friendly tote bags and imagine how much exposure it would create, when receivers carry it around.

The following are a few reasons why these branded tote bags are very essential for any brand marketing strategy.

  • Practical and useful

All of us need to carry a lot of stuff whether we go to the gym, or take our kids to the sea beach, or even for shopping. This is why you will find that most of us will have a large collection of tote bags and we really need and also use them.

  • Long shelf life

Few other promotional items like ballpoint pens are often discarded within a month of use. However, that is not the case when we use customized tote bags. Their average shelf life will be 8 months, and also 2 in 3 people may pass it to someone else.

  • Low-cost marketing tool

Any premium promotional items will also cost a premium price, and besides, there is no guarantee that the customer will use them or not. Whereas a tote bag will surely be used more often, while their prices will be as low as just a few dollars.

  • Relevant and gender-neutral

Few marketing tools will resonate only with a particular demographic. If you like that your product must have universal and wide appeal, then a tote bag will be the way to go.

  • Natural visual cue

Perhaps you will not look at any T-shirt or any bumper sticker because our human nature is to look for certain visual cues that will interest us or can help us to make decisions. These tote bags are highly portable, functional, and visual, and an excellent addition to your market strategy.

  • Serve as marketing pack

In case there are multiple pieces of material with your logo then a tote bag will be the perfect way of presenting them all to prospective clients. It is very less likely that the recipient will throw away all your marketing efforts.

  • Guerilla marketing

This is probably the fastest and the most effective guerrilla marketing form available, and most of the hard work of posting on social networks of your campaign will be done by other people.

  • Walking billboard

The tote bag is great because it can travel distance in any public place along with its owner, whereas any other promotional merchandise will never leave your desk.

  • Gift with purchase

A tote bag as a gift with a purchase scheme can deliver a higher perceived value with every buy, but when it will be correctly costed then does not have to impact your profit.

Branded tote bags are quite an affordable and also most effective way of promoting any business and are universally used and also loved.