7 Tips To Get Design Ideas If You Feel Stuck

7 Tips To Get Design Ideas If You Feel Stuck

The idea of making creative decisions about the design and layout of an e-learning course seems like a great idea. It doesn’t matter if you have full control or a limited amount of design decisions, it can be fun to make the project look great.

Try one or several of these techniques:

1. Check out these list choices

Try listing some of the things that do not work. If you have trouble coming up with ideas for design ideas, try listing a few. By narrowing down the options, you can reduce the amount of analysis paralysis that can result from too many choices.

2. Shop for company materials

To create something fresh, you don’t have to reinvent everything. A company’s past is usually a great source of inspiration. Although a company’s website is a great place to start, it can also be useful to look at their advertisements. Slides, reports, diagrams, or signs are another good source of ideas.

It’s not so much about replicating a complete design but more about finding small details you can use or remix to enhance your work. Don’t be afraid to use the icon style that you saw on a company budget presentation.

3. Start doodling

Artists use thumbnails for quick layout experiments before moving on to larger pieces. Consider using the same approach for your course design. You can see which elements of the ideas might be most suitable for you once you have a list of potential options.

Thumbnails tend to be sloppy, and can often be drawn in minutes. You don’t have to be an expert to make them work. Simply grab a piece of paper and draw some basic designs.

4. Get out of your desk

Sometimes, no matter what, your best ideas might not show up when they should. Sometimes, it can even make matters worse if you try to force yourself into making design decisions while you’re feeling exhausted. These situations are when you need to let go of your project and move on with your work.

5. Do another project

If you don’t feel like taking a break or are too tired to do the job, find another task or project that will help you get more done. You don’t have it to be large, just something that can help you get things done.

6. Talk it through with someone that you trust

You can benefit from the perspective of someone else to see a problem differently and generate new ideas. Have a chat with a friend or coworker to discuss what’s bothering you. Talking with an expert can help you solve a specific design issue.

7. Keep a collection that inspires you

This is an approach that you’ll need long before you experience a creative block. You can think of it as helping yourself to be a better person. Create a personal portfolio of designs you love. If you run out of ideas, you can go through your old designs and find inspiration.

Bookmarking other E-Learning Courses is a smart place to start. By regularly perusing the Content Library 360 images templates and downloads, you can quickly stock up on your collection. Ideas that are not related to e-learning can also be found in advertisements, websites, packaging, signs, menus, and other materials.


If you’re feeling stuck when it comes to designing your website, consider contacting a website design company. They can help you come up with fresh ideas and create a website that reflects your brand and target audience.