What Precisely Is A 3D Product Configurator?

In 2020, the worldwide eCommerce industry was estimated to be valued at 4.28 trillion. The internet sales market will reach 5.4 trillion by 2021. As a result of this rise, online buying has grown more competitive. E-Commerce companies must adjust to this new reality while remaining adaptable.

You must know the tools to launch your online company or eCommerce store. You must use these added-value technologies to avoid slipping behind your competition.

What Is 3D Product Configuration?

360-degree views are possible with the interactive 3D product configurators. There are several 3D product configurators available for use as a plug-in for your eCommerce business to create a unique and better shopping experience. Each supplier has unique qualities, which will be discussed in a different post.

3D Configurators facilitate online purchasing by allowing users to inspect things from various perspectives and settings. This utility lets you change colors and animate functionality. It also allows you to try out the product before purchasing it.

What Are The Capabilities Of 3D Product Configurations?

3D product configurators can help your eCommerce shop. These advantages include a shorter buying procedure for clients and a better display of the product or service’s value.

1. Configuration, Pricing, And Quotation (CPQ)

This is one of the most useful aspects of 3D product configurators for eCommerce firms. This plug-in, which stands for configure pricing, and quote, enables you to create product quotations. This plug-in makes it much easier to sell complex things with many options.

Even though your clients have chosen the bulk of the style aspects for their items, 3D product configurators allow your sales staff to be engaged. CPQ can let your sales staff participate in most eCommerce site sales. This is especially true if you utilize a self-service eCommerce platform such as WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, or PrestaShop.

Customers will be able to configure the product choices they choose before creating their final product. Your customer will choose the parameters they require and then calculate the cost. Once the information is entered, the 3D configurator program will provide a quotation with the product’s pricing.

2. Exhibit Style And Function

Consumers are less inclined to buy things they are unfamiliar with. Even if they purchase online, customers prefer an in-person purchasing experience. Product configurators in 3D are an excellent method to boost sales and brand exposure.

3D configurators may demonstrate the functioning of each component of a product and how it appears and operates as a whole. Consider the sites you’ve used to design an automobile. This is a great illustration of how a 3D configurator can add value to your brand. Customers are more confident in things that they have tried before purchasing them.

If you’re advertising complicated items or products with many styling choices, this is a terrific use case for 3D product configurators.

3. Provide Photorealistic Renderings

Flat product pictures are getting less popular among modern customers. If the items are sophisticated in design, eCommerce companies may need help.

A 3D configurator may be used by your business to make photorealistic duplicates of the item. With the zoom option, which is included in many configurators, you may even make your consumers feel assured about the textures of the objects they are examining.

Many 3D configurators use gaming-grade engines to generate high-quality graphics highlighting your items’ features. A 3D configurator can provide high-quality photorealistic pictures that outperform standard 2D photographs.

4. Compatible With Any Device

This is one benefit of 3D configurators that many eCommerce businesses appreciate. Optimizing product graphics and interactions across all devices may be tough. If there are major disparities in the purchasing experience for mobile customers, you might lose a lot of purchases.

Using 3D configurators, you can tailor your product photos for every device, including smartphones and tablets. Customers will be able to enjoy the same smooth and high-quality purchasing experience they have when shopping online, regardless of device.

This 3D configurator feature offers several advantages. It also holds for social media. This benefits eCommerce firms significantly since it caters to higher-tech customers.

The 3D Product Configurator is an excellent tool for promoting your brand and increasing consumer trust.

3D configurators are an excellent addition to your eCommerce website and may aid your consumers at practically every stage of the shopping process. As competition increases, 3D product configurators are becoming increasingly important in eCommerce.

This cutting-edge technology is an excellent approach to getting your business noticed and obtaining a competitive advantage. Although the initial cost of this technology may appear to be more than intended, the increased sales will more than compensate for this investment.

3D Product Configurators will remain an important tool for online sales and marketing. It should be modernized, optimized, and future-proofed to gain the numerous benefits of your eCommerce shop.