The Ultimate Guide for Reusing Your Old Candle Jars

The Ultimate Guide for Reusing Your Old Candle Jars

This guide will show you how to reuse old candle containers. It covers everything you need to know, from cleaning out the wax to great ideas for repurposing candle jars.

If you are a candle lover like us, there will be a lot of candles that you have leftover. Each candle is fully used and the wax has been discarded from the old jar. Candle jars wholesale to make your area decorative.

The first step in reusing the decorative jar that your old scented candle was stored in is to get rid of all the wax. This is possible in many different ways.

How to clean candle jars left-over wax

The Freezer Method

It is easy to remove candle wax from its container, as it will become brittle if it freezes. For a few hours, place the old container of candles in your freezer. After it has frozen, you can gently remove the wax using a knife. Warm water can be used to clean any remaining wax. This is an excellent method to make candles using Paraffin wax and Beeswax.

Bain Marie Method / Double Boiler

A double boiler is an excellent option for stubborn leftover wax. You can use this method by boiling some water in a small bowl and then gently putting the candle container inside. The heat of boiling water will heat the sides of your container and melt the wax.

Once the wax is softened, take the jar out of the water and pour the melted wax into the container. The jar can be washed with warm water and soap.

Wash & Go Method

This is the simplest way to make candles from wax with low melting points like Soy Wax. First, use a sharp knife to remove any remaining wax. After that, you can fill the container using soap and hot water from the tap. Let it sit for about a minute before you scrub the inside. Voila!

Things to Keep in Mind

Discard the Wick Holder

Once you’ve removed all wax, make sure to remove the wick holder. To remove any wax that is still stuck, you can use a sharp knife to cut through it. If the item isn’t moving easily, you can use some boiling water to help.

Save thin containers

Use a hairdryer with high heat to extract wax from long thin containers. After that, you can use an old cutter stick to scrape the wax.

Keep the Old Wax

It is often worth leaving the old wax behind, as there are so many things you can do. We will be adding some new ideas to the blog soon so make sure to sign up for our newsletter!

If you are worried about the fragility of the glass container, we recommend that you use the Wash & Go Method. This is slower, but it’s less likely to cause damage.

No drains

Never pour the wax melted with water down the sink. It will harden and eventually block the pipes.

Don’t Overheat

Avoid heating glass containers too hot. The glass may explode if it gets too hot. You can shatter the glass by freezing the wax or boiling the water.

Don’t Microwave

Never use a microwave to melt wax in old candle containers. Metal is used as a wick holder to keep the candle wick from catching on fire.

You can reuse and recycle your old candles containers in many different ways

Your favorite scented candle is about to end. The perfectly fragrant wax has vaporized over many nights of cozy pleasure, leaving you with only the empty container. It’s a beautiful, elegant container you love almost as much as the scent it once gave off.

You don’t have to be worried, there are lots of ways you can reuse your old scented candles containers.

Following our cleaning instructions, candle holders can be recycled. We love these ideas…

Make Candle Jars into Plant Pots

Old scented candle jars are perfect for new homes for your leafy addition. Given our obsession with succulents and almost every other plant, it’s hard to believe that we don’t have enough old candle containers.

People tend to plant in brown soil so they use amber or colored candle jars. Clear jars can be used for growing in water, but clear jars are fine.

Take care of your vanity area

You can up cycle your favorite scented candle jars to organize your beauty space. Larger candles work well as holders for eyeliners, pencils, and make-up brushes, while smaller containers are ideal for keeping cotton wool pads and bobby pins.

Pencil Pots to Decorate Your Desk

You’re unlikely to see us at our desks without calming candlelit. It makes sense then that we would recycle all of the candle jars to make beautiful pots for our stationary.

Keep your Candle Matches Tidy

You may be surprised to know that matches can be pretty! Give yourself some beautiful colored or scented matches and store them in an old container.

A Vase to Hold Flowers

Flowers and candles make us smile. It’s a great way to reuse old candles.